Ebony, a monthly magazine for the African American market, was founded by John H. Johnson and has published continuously since the Autumn of Nov 18, ~EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation. EBONY MAGAZINE. For More Information Contact: Green Olive Media, LLC. 17th Street, Suite 1,. Atlanta, Georgia

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Apr 1, OF EBONY MAGAZINE'S YOUNG LEADERS. BY LYNN NORMENT. The Rev. Michael W. Waters (far left) was a senior in high school when he. A: We are thrilled to enhance our subscribers' EBONY experience by delivering the great content, photos, covers and features in an interactive digital format. Get the latest news on African-American culture. EBONY features exclusive stories on Entertainment, News, Love and much more.

Ebony , edited by John H.

Johnson, has striven always to address African-American issues, personalities and interests in a positive and self-affirming manner. Its cover photography has focused on prominent African American public figures, including actors and entertainers, and politicians, such as Dorothy Dandridge , Lena Horne , Diana Ross , Michael Jackson , former U.

For decades, advertisers created ads specifically for Ebony, which featured black models using their products.

In November , the magazine featured a special 65th-anniversary edition cover featuring Taraji P. Henson , Samuel L. Jackson , Usher and Mary J. A second cover showcased Nia Long atop a birthday cake — Marilyn Monroe -style. The issue included eight cover recreations from historic and iconic previous covers of Ebony.

Mary J. Blige used her s-style image from Ebony to update her Twitter profile picture.

National Public Radio marked this anniversary edition as the beginning of redesign of Ebony. In the 21st century, Ebony frequently makes headlines in the blogosphere and in the mainstream press.

Digital Editions

The November cover featured a pregnant Nia Long , reminiscent of the iconic image of actress Demi Moore featured naked while pregnant on a magazine cover two decades before. Recent issues questioned whether President Obama was still right for black America and whether biracial Americans need more acknowledgement in today's society.

In December , Google announced that it was scanning back issues for Google Book Search ; all issues from November to December are available for free. It moved into a new building in In , the company sold Ebony and Jet to private equity firm Clear View Group, but will retain its Fashion Fair Cosmetics business and its historic Ebony photo archives, which remains up for sale.

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Ebony Magazine

The Birth of Ebony Magazine". Archived from the original on January 27, Retrieved January 3, Flynn, "A Century of Celebration: Krishnan et.

Health Communication. Retrieved February 26, July 7, Lena Horne is remembered for her visibility during World War II, a period of racial tension, prejudice, and segregation in the United States and war against Nazism and Fascism abroad.

What did Horne, popular among black and white Americans, symbolize for black audiences and what did she represent for white audi- ences?

Fox News and Ebony Magazine Receive "Thumbs Down" Award from NABJ

As I have argued elsewhere, the wartime representations of Horne found in the white press and Hollywood suggested that America was simul- taneously a land of progressive liberalism and a nation that upheld white supremacy.

Johnson and Bennett, Also see Stuart Hall, ed. Like Meyerowitz, I realize that this method of reader response is slightly problematic because Ebony selected which letters were printed. Still, I believe it provides a sense of audience reception to the magazine, the version of black femininity it privileged, and the debates that circulated within its pages. Of these 47 issues, 24 covers or Fifteen covers featured black female entertainers.

Other Ebony cover girls were described in a variety of ways, for ex- ample as model, student, businesswoman, bride, judge, contest winner, lifeguard, house- wife, or social worker.

Jones, , Ebony presented both Horne and Scott as beloved pinup girls. In addition, Ebony pinups aimed at black soldiers asserted their right to the same comforts as white GIs.

Major D. So I am writing to inform you that there are others among your readers who did like it. I want your readers who always criticize your covers to congratulate you on this one. No one can dislike it.

Letter from Major D. Lucas, Ebony, May , 3. Louis Taylor Jr.

Letter from George Nowlin, Ebony, July , 4.Krishnan et. Archived from the original on December 29, Entertainment T. So I am writing to inform you that there are others among your readers who did like it. Romano, 89, Fifteen covers featured black female entertainers.

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